DigitAL Courses

Allan Collins won Crane Trainer of the Year award for 2015 & 2016 and now 2018! Well done Allan!

DigitAL  offer the following NZQA recognised courses. Click the Contact us TAB to find out more:

   497 - Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements

 1277 - Communicate information in a specified workplace

 3787 - Demonstrate knowledge of regulatory requirements pertaining to cranes

 3788 - Demonstrate knowledge of skills required in the crane industry

 3789 - Sling regular loads and communicate during crane operations

 3790 - Operate a cab controlled overhead crane

 3799 - Plan and direct complex lifts

 3792 - Arrange delivery and move a mobile crane and equipment to and from site

 3795 - Configure mobile crane and lift and place loads

 3800 - Operate a pendant controlled overhead crane and lift and place regular loads

 3801 - Sling complex loads dor crane operations

10851 - Operate a powered industrial truck fitted with forks - Worksafe certified

16617 - Use a truck loader crane and lift and place loads

17593 - Apply safe work practices in the workplace

20864 - Handle standard lift precast concrete elements during crane operations

20865 - Handle non-standard lift and tilt up precast elements during crane operations

23436 - BESS- Demonstrate knowledge of self-supervision for overweight vehicles crossing bridges

23960 - Assess the workplace, prepare and operate a scissor lift (EWP)

23962 - Assess the worksite, prepare and operate a self-propelled boom lift (EWP)

23963 - Assess the worksite, prepare and operate a trailer mounted platform (EWP)

23966 - Describe types of EWP's and legislative requirements for their use

24509 - Describe the preparation, set up and operate, a multiwinch crane during operations

24511 - Configure a non-slewing articulated crane and lift and place regular loads

25043 - Lock out and reinstate machinery in the workplace

25737 - Prepare to use, and hook up, a crane with a crane-lifted work platform (mancage)

26505 - Use a mini crawler crane to lift and place loads

27676 - Configure a track crawler crane and lift and place loads

30072 - Demonstrate & apply knowledge of slinging regular loads safely (Prerequisite for U/S's 3800, 3789 & 16617)